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We provide legal services to ordinary folks who are in a bind and need help with a problem and in dealing with the complexities our legal system.

We understand that when you call, it may not be under the best of circumstances. But our goal is to fully understand your situation and get you the best outcome that we can.

We help people in dealing with many of the legal matters that arise most often in life. We provide help in the areas of family law, criminal and juvenile law, CPS/child welfare matters, wills and probate, traffic tickets, and other “everyday things” that can come at you.

We realize that you may not fully understand the law and our legal system. That’s why we’re here to help you better understand your situation, how the law applies to it, and to get you the best outcome that we can.

Who do you call when you don’t know who to call?

Who do you call when:

  • your marriage has become more than you can bear and you’re ready for something better in life?
  • they say you had a few too many, you’re facing DWI charges and they took your drivers license?
  • you just had a new baby and you decide it’s finally time to get a will?
  • you got a speeding ticket or you forgot about one and there’s a warrant for your arrest?
  • your teenager got caught with some drugs and is now in the juvenile detention center?
  • your ex-wife won’t let you see your kids or wants more child support?
  • your father dies and he didn’t have a will?
  • the young lady you tried to hook-up with turns out to be an undercover cop?
  • someone from CPS is knocking on your door… and wants to take your kids away?
  • your husband’s been cheating on you and leaves you high and dry with three kids, all the bills and no income?

So, who do you call when you don’t know who to call?

Call Raymond at Raymond Daniel, P.C.


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